SGS Scholarship Program

The purpose of this scholarship program is to reward deserving SGS Magic softball players with financial rewards to support their college level, educational studies.

SGS Magic Fastpitch players seeking to participate in the scholarship program shall submit the required Scholarship Application. The application shall be completed in detail and may be downloaded here. The application in hard copy format shall be submitted by July 15th to any one of the then current SGS Board of Trustee’s Officers.

The SGS Board of Trustees shall select the each scholarship recipient by majority vote at any duly scheduled board meeting. No person shall be awarded more than one scholarship.

Each successful applicant will be notified by the President of the Board no later than August 31st.

The continuation of this scholarship program is within the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees and may be terminated at any time, with or without reason and with or without notice to any applicant, by a majority vote of the Board. The existence of the scholarship program shall not create any expectation in any applicant to entitlement to scholarship program funds.

Year Name(s)
2010 Katie Dewyre
2011 Courtney Day
Elizabeth Treece
Sarah Wyse
2012 Ali Howard
2013 Hanna Allison
Katie Dunphy
Emily Marrow
Sarah Pilkington
Alex Veres
2014 Meghan Franz
Samantha Fowls
Kelsey Ivy
Kelsey Parker
Cassidy Wyse
2015 Hayley Schiavone
2016 Lindsay George
Evyn Kachenmeister
2017 Olivia Cabel